Why I'm not Laura

My name is not Laura. I feel the need to tell you (whomever you may be) this little tid bit - and add this little piece of importance to the title of my blog - because people don't seem to understand that.  My name is Lara.  It kind of sorta rhymes with Sara(h), it was Superman's mother's name, some chick in a video game with a British accent raids tombs and also goes by that name, it was the name of Dr. Zhivago's love interest....I could go on.  Probably not for much longer though.  I don't have much of a point except that it is annoying to have my name pronounced incorrectly a lot (Thanks Mom and Dad), which reminds me - a lot of things annoy me.  Whiny blogs, for example.  Because no one cares what you have to say.  But you know what's fun? Doodles! Cartoons! Puppets! Stuff that looks like stuff! So if I feel the need to whine about something, I will do it doodle-style.  And if I feel the need not to whine, it will be doodle-style. Welcome to my doodle blog.


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