Things That Make Me Go :/

So certain things in life turn me from this

To this

(This would have worked much better had Flash cooperated properly)

Now these images should make a lot of sense if you take into account the fact that I am a six year old girl.  Moving on....

So here's a list of things that transform me from plain ol' adorable Lara to demon possessed Lara:

1) Getting Flat-Tired

This is annoying as a daily occurrence, but not enough to cause a demon outburst.  Last summer I was working in NYC (and by working I mean interning, and by NYC I mean Times Square). This job required me to spend a significant amount of my time running back and forth in the tourist-laden capital of the universe.  And, being a classy, fancy dresser as you know I am - I tend to wear flip flops in the summer.  Flip flops that get stepped on and kicked off by Midwestern doofuses who are too busy taking pictures of taxi cabs to look where they are walking.

So while this is occurring
(My shoe flying across the sky)

I am forced to step in some unknown Times Square excrement? a human spleen? I could think about these things for hours....

And speaking of dog excrement
2) Chihuahuas
OK, now don't get me wrong. I love animals.  I work at an animal shelter, in fact (this one shameless plug, shameless plug). But chihuahuas...these things are evil.  They look so cute and then they try to kill you with their ferocious littleness.  And they're smart about it too.  They pretend to be all sweet and approach you with those big Taco Bell eyes, and then BAM! Decapitated.  I don't know why people give pit bulls such a hard time when it is chihuahuas who have been bred to be murderous gnomes. Or something.  And also - don't walk your evil little dog in Times Square! Damnit. As evil as the scary thing may be, I'd feel really bad if someone stepped on it.
But I digress...
My point is, I've never met a chihuahua who didn't scare the crap out of me.  Except for this one.

3) That Chick

Not anyone in particular, but you all know someone like this.  Now, I know that looking like JarJar Binks is really "in" right now, but I just can't get behind it.  It's just not my thing.  Aside from that, there are several other things about this girl that bug me.  Maybe she went to my high school and is also unemployed/underemployed but seems to always have a boatload of cash (maybe some of us spend too much time stalking ex classmates on facebook, but this is hypothetical).  So what I don't understand is how I'm stuck having no life
keeping my life privately compartmentalized while people like this are all duckface partying pictureposting spending g's and what not.  Like, how is your non job affording you your Zac Posen and your Marc Jacobs and that colorful $1000 yard of fabric labeled "Pucci" that costs you your first born yet barely covers your pucci (aha, see what I did there?).

If you're one of those girls reading this, you're probably saying that I'm just jealous.  Yes. Yes I am.

Tune in next time for more things that make me go :/ as well as things that make me go :) and more random cartoons and doodles!


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