A New Hero in Town

So this post is inspired by a conversation I had last night with my brother.  Let me just preface this by saying that Brian and I talk to each other 99% online as he lives in a different time zone pursuing his pHD in Physics and I am back with my parents after finishing undergrad (hold your applause, please). So, this was the gist of the conversation that inspired my little cartoon magic:

Lara: ok well im gonna make a shape tween with a morph from an innocent child to a devil monster
brian: i read that wrong
 Lara: ermmm
brian: innocent child demolester
Lara : whats a demolester?
brian: someone who goes around putting pants back on children?
Lara: sounds like some new kind of superhero!
brian: he's highly misunderstood, since it's difficult to judge if pants are going on or coming off at first glance

So there you have it.  And there you have this

Why is he a ginger, you ask? Ummm why do you care, racist?


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